As a child I have always been drawn to the energy of crystals and gems.
I started collecting from a young age and would build crystal grids and place them near my bed side and window seals.
Once I finished high school, I did some courses around the world in gemology and crystal healing.
I pursued other careers but it felt right to support my admiration to rare crystals. I began to travel to different countries and source incredible stones from all parts of the world. My personal collection has been such a gift from the earth. Now I want to share these hand selected crystals and gems with the world! I believe in the energetic powers of crystals. I also believe in the joy it brings to people. I have had no design background. I began with a vision of being able to create around the existing beauty of natural, raw stone.
I find so much joy working with stones. It’s my passion to source them wherever I travel. I could never consider this work. I see it as an endless learning experience that enriches my life. I am here to share my pieces around the world and hope whole heartedly they will bring you the same joy as they have for me.
Lots of crystal love,
From Sophani